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December 12, 2011: Scattered Leaves

Sometimes it is more of a feeling I want to convey in my photography instead of a storyline or concept. I knew going into my shoot with Tyler that I wanted a melancholy scene and was inspired by the song Scattered Leaves by the Be Good Tanyas. Tyler prepared himself with a little Gillian Welch. No elaborate props or sets were used, just a feeling that shows through and can be interpreted by others in many ways. I love to hear the stories from viewers on how they interpret my work. It gives new insight into my pieces and makes me look at them in different ways.


K A Zander Brown said...

I told Tyler that it brought to my mind Gerard Manly Hopkins' poem "Spring and Fall" - the first two line of which are, "Margaret, are you grieving / over Goldengrove unleaving?" (To be continued on internet, or in a bookstore or library near you.) Kev ;-)}

Heather Evans Smith said...

Kevin, I just continued the poem via the internet. Beautiful. And so true. :)

Jessica Beebe said...

I just found you and I LOVE your work. Amazing. So moody and vintage looking. I am a photographer myself, inspired by the vintage, but I do a totally different twist. What a nice surprise. :)