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I am a North Carolina conceptual portrait photographer. Look here for updates on my photography adventures. Visit www.HeatherEvansSmith.com for details on commissioned portrait shoots and fine art sales.

January 16, 2013: Framed Award Nominee

I was taken completely by surprise when I learned that I had been nominated for a Framed Award in the Emerging Photographer category. I want to thank those of you who nominated me. I really feel like I live in my own little bubble taking pictures. When something like this happens, I am always stunned that there are people out there watching. Thank you for watching and sharing in my work. Your support means so much to me.

Take a look at the amazing talent listed and vote for your favorites here. You can vote once per day per IP address until January 31st.

A peak at the Emerging Photography nominees. I am one of them. Well I'll be!!