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November 26, 2013: The Heart and The Heavy Openings

Two years ago I created an image that shifted my work in a completely different direction. That image was The Heart and The Heavy.
The Heart and The Heavy
©2011 Heather Evans Smith

After two years of exploring emotion through imagery, the series was ready to show in its entirety. The first show was through the Durham Art Guild in the Goldenbelt Room 100 Gallery in Durham, NC. It was a beautiful space. Thank you Katie Seiz for your help in coordinating the show. It was an amazing night of meeting new faces and collectors. 

The Heart and The Heavy Opening in Durham, NC
I took it down the day the show ended and drove it the next day to Atlanta. Jennifer Schwartz of the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery and I worked tirelessly for two days to transform a raw space into a magical nook. I've never worked so hard! At one point I was balancing several large items while Jennifer balanced a large framed piece against a brick wall, both of us looking to each other for help. We were a little sweaty but pulled it together. The result was a magical space that reflected well the work's emotion.  If you missed the opening, the show is up at the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery until the end of the year. Thank you Jennifer!

The Heart and The Heavy opening in Atlanta.

I brought in props from some of the photographs.

Jennifer and I cleaned up nicely after two days of hard work. Thank you Jennifer!
Not only did I enjoy speaking to patrons about my work, but I loved hearing their interpretations as well. They certainly made me look at my work in a new way. Face to face engagement is so important and I am thankful for the opportunity to connect with viewers in two cities this fall.

Look for The Heart and The Heavy in Charlotte, NC at the MoNA Gallery this March and April. The opening reception will be on March 7th. Hope to see you there!