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May 19, 2011: Heritage

My model Tracy's heritage is of Cherokee/Lumbee decent. When concepting a portrait session for her, we both decided it would be great to honor that part of her family. With the help of her Uncle John "TallBird" Marshall, she gathered Native American items from the family. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the culture and sacred family origins of the Native Americans.

Upon reading some of her Uncle's research, I found this quote that I would like to share.

"So much can be said about so little we know. For many years, I have searched for the origin of our Indian blood, and our Native American ancestral connections. At times during my reading and research, I have laughingly mused myself, thinking of the meaning behind the well-known "Heinz 57" steak sauce. Fifty-seven ingredients combined together as one. It sounds almost like our family ancestry; a mixture of this, that and the unknown. Oh well...we are what the Creator and our Forefathers have made us. I'm proud of that and hope that you are as well."
-John "TallBird" Marshall

Hold on to our heritage, embrace new ones, love one another, we are all human, we are all intertwined.

MUA: Erin Dickinson
Assistant: Gretta Kohler
Fan Feathers/Prayer Feathers/headband: John "TallBird" Marshall


Amber said...

Brilliant, as always! I love them all, but I'm floored by the second to last - simple but extremely powerful.

The Lovely M said...

So absolutely gorgeous!