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June 3, 2011: A Fine Feathery Mess

When Sara contacted me that she wanted to have portraits made with the three new members of her family, her chickens Alice, Nuggett and Henrietta, I was thrilled! What a opportunity for some fun and creative shots. During one of the phone calls I asked, "Do you think we could put the chickens inside for awhile?". "Sure." "Ok, how about some feathers all over the floor?" "Sure." Boy what a mess we made! As soon as one of the girls flapped her wings, feathers flew everywhere. Sara held it together while I coughed and coughed trying to simultaneously snap a picture. Outside was a different challenge; getting these birds to act like parrots. But with the help of Sara's husband Mike, we were able to get one of the girls to balance on her head and shoulders before eventually flying off with a look of "I have had enough."

Sara sent a carton of fresh eggs back with me and I have been enjoying omelets ever since. She also let me know that she is still cleaning up feathers everywhere. Whoops!


New EYEdea Photography said...

These are just elegant and funny all at once!

Two Mittens said...

Wonderful feathery fun! I love the soft texture.

Heather Evans Smith said...

Thank you guys! It was loads of fun!

jodeska said...

Gorgeous. Take away the chickens and they're still wonderful!