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July 3, 2011: Tune In

Life is better than anything on television. (Or at least it can be, if you turn it off long enough to give it a try.)

This is the first of a new series I am working on; combining technology with nature. This idea had been in my head for awhile, it was just a matter of finding the right TV (which wasn't easy), then the right person (thanks Dad!) to gut it, and finally hauling it to the beach (thanks husband!).

Stayed tuned...


Vanessa said...

I love it when you get ideas like this. You inspire me to follow my own. I don't know if this link will work or not, but I think it could help you along with your thinking on this topic. I just came across it yesterday and found it amazing food for thought.


I look forward to seeing more from your series. Oh, and how much do I LOVE that you use an actual television, not a stamp of one, or some overlay. Perfection.

Clara said...

I totally love this! I love how you're creatively thinking outside the box! Now I'm inspired! Thank you!