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June 13, 2011: Spun

I feel spun and sleep deprived. I am happy to report that my creative juices are flowing beyond belief. That usually is followed by restless nights lying awake with ideas running through my head or staying up unusually late making props for photo shoots. But it is great when the floodgates of creativity open. I embrace it and welcome the waters. It has been a wonderful summer so far. A new series is in the works, exciting client work, wonderful moments with family and a trip down under at the end of the summer.

Due to client shoots, a crazy toddler and life in general, I had been taking a unplanned break from self-portraits (since September to be exact). I got my equipment together and set out to create a image that had been in my head for quite sometime. The result is Spun, and I feel a little like that right now.


Katy said...

love! and the shadow is perfect as well. you are so good!

Heather Evans Smith said...

Thank you Katy!