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April 13, 2013: Savannah, GA Workshop Wrapup

Almost a month has passed since my workshop in Savannah. I only conduct a few of these workshops a year and always come back inspired by the camaraderie and creativity of the participants.

The forecast was iffy. I was actually hoping for a little rain. A misty, cloudy day in Savannah is a perfect scenario. Savannah is a haunting city and I wanted to capture that spirit in the photos.

The first day of the workshop included a presentation, creativity exercise and a "getting to know you" session. Day two started with a planned shoot. Months before I was struck by the size and beauty of atlas moths online and was fortunate to locate a dozen from a humane dealer. (The moths live full life spans, dying of natural causes.)

Below are a few of the images:

Experimenting with real Asian atlas moths!
© 2013 Heather Evans Smith Photography

No photoshop other than color editing. Just the right placement of bodies.
© 2013 Heather Evans Smith Photography
The participants then split into two groups. Each participant had an allotted time to shoot their vision with other group members assisting. It became an informal morning that flowed organically. There were combinations of groups working together and single photographers shooting ideas planned in advance or inspired by the moment. The weather was perfectly cloudy. We could shoot anywhere without worry of patchy light.

One favorite spot among the participants was this horizontal tree. I couldn't resist taking a shot myself.

The famous tree everyone fell in love with.
© 2013 Heather Evans Smith Photography
We took a break for lunch when a downpour started. Lucky for us, the sun began shining through the mossy oaks during our second session of shooting. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with headdresses and flowy dresses along the avenue of the oaks before parting ways.

Black and white hipstamatic images by Melissa Hall.

I am so impressed with the photographs that have come from the workshop. Below is a video featuring some of the participants images. Take a look!

Thank you all for sharing and creating with me. I look forward to following your photography adventures. Thank you Tracy Moore for hosting me in beautiful Savannah. Also a big thanks goes to models Morgan Marlowe and Heather Richards, makeup artist Amanda Joiner and hairstylist Samantha Fletcher.  

The next creativity workshop will be held in the UK in September. Stay tuned here and on my site for further information.


Anonymous said...

Oh so beautiful!! I love your work and would love to attend one of your workshops someday!! I adore all of the images in the video! What a great idea! :)

Christine Candora-Hickey said...

It looks like this was a fabulous workshop! I love the images that came out of it and the fact that a little rain didn't keep you down :) I am keeping my fingers crossed that you do a workshop in NC this year - I really want to attend.