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April 30, 2013: As The World Collapses Around Her

One can become wrapped up in their own world and turn blind to the destruction around them. This could relate to their personal lives, world events or the environment. I explored this topic a few months back in conversation, without giving it much thought as an image. After finding deforested land during a family visit, I immediately knew that this idea would later become an image.

As The World Collapses Around Her
© 2013 Heather Evans Smith Photography


Merle said...

This is stunning Heather!

Kasandra16 said...

this is a beautiful image ... all your images are beautiful! found you through lenscratch ... thank you for sharing there. I live in Knoxville and noticed a testimonial mention a Knoxville workshop ... hope you do another one close by, I would love to attend!!
take care :)