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I am a North Carolina conceptual portrait photographer. Look here for updates on my photography adventures. Visit www.HeatherEvansSmith.com for details on commissioned portrait shoots and fine art sales.

June 4, 2013: Preserve

In our media, youth is considered the ideal. We slice, suck, inject, stuff, plump and dye to maintain something that ultimately cannot be preserved. 

© 2013 Heather Evans Smith Photography


Vanessa said...

Your work is always engaging and memorable Heather, and this is no exception. I feel a bit like I stumbled across it in the woods and that the silence overwhelmed and enveloped me.
What a beautiful way to make a bold statement and to create a conversation.

Heather Evans Smith said...

Thank you so much Vanessa!

Anonymous said...

Stunningly beautiful! I am in love with your work!