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July 29, 2011: Caps For Sale and Other Head Adventures

I woke up one morning with the children's book Caps For Sale in my head. I hadn't thought of that book in decades, but suddenly I remembered being fascinated with the illustrations of the peddler with all the caps on his head. I wanted to take this idea and glamorize it. This is the result. And while we are at it, let's just keep on playing with head ware....

See behind the scenes footage here.


Krystal Michelle Photography said...

I absolutely love your work. I've been following you for a while your photos are so inspiring! It's great to see a photographer that is able to take portraits of people but still do it their way and be creative. Thank you for the beauty and all of the new work you post (=

Heather Evans Smith said...

Thank you Krystal! Your comment means a lot to me. That is exactly what I am trying to do.