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I am a North Carolina conceptual portrait photographer. Look here for updates on my photography adventures. Visit www.HeatherEvansSmith.com for details on commissioned portrait shoots and fine art sales.

August 21, 2011: Time to Fly

What a ride the past four years have been. I rekindled my love of photography. I did this for myself and myself only; just for fun, a hobby, a release. Slowly this "hobby" became more than I ever dreamed; fine art sales, book covers, clients and now I sit here typing this on the other side of the world (Australia!). I will be speaking at the August Exposure conference on the Gold Coast tomorrow. I am honored to be there among many other talented speakers.

In my latest self-portrait image, I wanted to sum up my photography philosophy, "head in the clouds". My imagination is my #1 photography tool. Without it, I have nothing. I am going to continue to keep my head in the clouds, it's working so far!


Buratino Photography said...

Absolutely in love with your work :)