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June 29, 2012: Ebb & Flow

Every now and then a photo shoot comes along that makes me check in with myself and know for certain that this is what I am supposed to be doing. This shoot was one of those.

A few months ago I received an email from a mother and fellow photographer in Florida. Her daughter, Sadie, was scheduled for surgery to correct her scoliosis and she wanted to document the curvature of her spine before the surgery. I admired her mother immediately, to recognize the beauty of her daughter's curvature and wanting to document it really struck a chord with me.

After several months of planning the shoot was finally here. I picked up Laura and Sadie from their hotel and immediately knew this was going to be a great day.  Sadie is such a cool cat. She is 12 years old and had no hesitation with her upcoming surgery or the photo shoot. 

We discussed many ideas prior to their arrival but one stood out to me the most. I had worked with some small ships earlier this year and wanted to revisit the idea. There was something about the ship sailing up and down the spine that felt like a beautifully poetic send off for Sadie. The ship in the final image is following one of her rib protrusions that are a result of the larger of two spinal curvatures.

Sadie's surgery was just a few weeks ago. I received this update from her mother today.

"The surgery to correct her curvature went beautifully and while the recovery process is a very long one, she is making amazing progress and actually as soon as I finish this email she is about to go swimming for the first time since the operation (WooHoo!).  Thank you again for creating these wonderful images."

She also attached the image below before heading into surgery.

I am so pleased to hear that Sadie's surgery was a success. I am also honored to have been the photographer chosen to document this time in her life.  Good luck with your recovery Sadie! All the best!

Sadie just before heading into surgery. Told you she was a cool cat!

Portrait of Sadie
© 2012 Heather Evans Smith Photography


Chris and Michelle said...

Absolutely beautiful Heather, made even more so by knowing the story behind the image. Thank-you for sharing.

LAr said...

Thank you again Heather, we had such a great time, and it was awesome to work with you! These photos have an entire wall with their name on it, and vintage frames to match:) So thrilled with the entire experience...thank you thank you thank you!

Sunset Images said...

I love these and Sadie's Mom Laura is a pretty cool cat herself! These are two amazing women!

nadz said...

This is amazing! Great one Heather.
xo, Nadine.

Heather Evans Smith said...

Thank you all! Laura, it was a pleasure working with you!