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September 11, 2012 Bizarre Celebrations

Hello all. It's been awhile since I updated. I have just come down from a workshop weekend high with 10 incredible photographers from around the state and country. I will write a full blog post with behind the scenes pictures and finished images in a few weeks.

Music has always been a great source of inspiration for me. One of my favorite series that I have done is My Beatles, in which I interpreted Beatles songs through imagery. I love to get my workshop participants involved in this musical inspiration.

The image below is inspired by the Of Montreal song The Wrath Pinned to the Mist. I was lucky to have such willing models who actually had a fabulous time during our shoot.

The fountain of youth is within.

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Rey said...

Oh Heather! I just love this! It's so whimsical and wonderful!
I just love your work and how it always evokes such rich emotions for me.
I'm a big fan and I get so excited when you post to your blog!

Heather Evans Smith said...

Thank you Rey! I admit I am a bad blogger. Facebook kind of makes it easy to daily "blog" and I forget to come here. Trying to be better!

Rey said...

Well then, I'll be finding you on Facebook as well!