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September 12, 2012: Project Imagination

I just posted about how music is such an inspiration for me. My favorite R.E.M. song for years has been World Leader Pretend.  I always got chills during the part of the song that said, "reach out for me, hold me tight, hold that memory, let my machine talk to me, let my machine talk to me". I had to create a image to express that song.

It was one of those situations where everything seemed to come together perfectly. I had acquired a robot (the machine) from a new friend and knew the perfect model (who loved robots). She is a dear friend of mine and moved away to the other side of the world only a few weeks after this image was taken. It has great meaning to both of us.

On a whim I entered it in Ron Howard's Project Imagination and found out that I am a finalist in the Relationship category. This contest is like no other; images inspire short films and a film festival. The idea that my image Let My Machine Talk To Me could come alive on the big screen gives me chills.

I sincerely hope that each of you will take a minute to register and vote. You can find and vote for my image HERE. (Click on the top right to register. You know your vote went through when the checkmark turns bright white. You can vote once per day per email address.) Voting on my theme will end September 24th.

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Katy @ Eat Drink & Decorate said...

Heather!!! That is so exciting!! Congratulations!! On my way to vote now!

Karla Pitts said...

Yay, Heather!! Going to vote right now.

natalie see said...

the image is really amazing, definitely voting!

Laura C Frazier said...

Did your image win? I clicked and saw it, but voting had ended and it had a blue ribbon on it?

It's a wonderful photograph and I love the back story!

Heather Evans Smith said...

Hey Laura! Winners will be announced in a few weeks. Fingers crossed! The blue ribbon means it is a finalist image.