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October 1, 2012: NC Workshop

It has been about a month since my North Carolina workshop. I had the honor of meeting, sharing and working with 10 wonderful photographers from around the state and country. I love sharing with other photographers; helping each other to push our creativity further. I say we because I truly grow from these experiences myself. Having a photography business can be isolating. You are not in a office surrounded by co-workers. You have your clients but for the most part it is you. Having others to share your art and ideas with is important and often overlooked.

The day started at the magical One Way Antiques. Every nook and cranny was an adventure. It was a wonderful place to explore. Secret rooms were found (seriously!). Along with the surroundings we had two beautiful models as our muses.  Then we headed to a beautiful country setting for lunch and more shooting. We created a outdoor art gallery and had way too much fun with flour. Unfortunately a storm came fast, rushing us all on the porch of the old farm house. We spent our last hour together huddled in the cozy living room, talking candidly about photography, ideas and the business. I hated to see them go. It was such a pleasure meeting all of them and sharing. I look forward to the next friends I will meet in 2013.

Here are a few testimonials from some of the participants.

Hi Heather! I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. We had two great locations, adventurous models, and a group of wonderful people to share it with. I feel like there was a lot of great information, but I think the biggest thing I think I took away was that we should develop and use our imaginations to create images that we love. If we do that, then others (clients, friends, etc...) will love them as well. -Torey Searcy

In her two day workshop we not only learned what makes her mind tick but also how to unlock our own imaginations.  On Saturday we had the opportunity to work with two beautiful models in two truly inspiring locations.  Our first stop was at this crazy old antique store/house.  Everywhere you turned there was something new to look at!  It’s one of those places you drive by and think... I wonder what treasures they have in there.  Our second location was at an old farm house... with chickens!  Our time here was cut a bit short due to a massive storm that came blowing through.  It was so neat though to sit on the front porch and watch the wind whipping through the trees and hear the rain pounding on the roof.  I think this weekend confirmed my decision to move full time into photography.  I LOVE what I do!

A BIG, BIG thank you to Heather for putting this workshop together!  You are AWESOME!

-Rebecca Holland

There are a few workshops already in the works for 2013. Savannah, Pennsylvania and even England are on the list. If you are interested in hosting a workshop with me (particularly if you live in the southwest or west coast region), email me at heather@heatherevanssmith.com for details.

Below are my favorite three images that I took at the workshop as well as some beautiful work from the participants.

Models: Marissa Burchette / Morgan Marlowe
MUA: Erin Dickinson
Hair: Jessica Burgos / Heather Evans Smith
Assistants: Erin Dickinson / Gretta Kohler / Luke Kohler
Special thanks to Lee Mecum.

Marlowe  ©2012 Heather Evans Smith Photography

antoillier  ©2012 Heather Evans Smith Photography

of flowers and rust  ©2012 Heather Evans Smith Photography


Tracy Smith said...

Heather-These are just gorgeous, WOW. You have such amazing talent.

Christie Stockstill said...

Someday maybe I'll finally get to take a workshop from you. It would be great to meet you! Maybe in Paris. ;)

Heather Evans Smith said...

Thank you both! Christie wouldn't that be nice! :)

Laura C Frazier said...

Your work is so expressive in subject matter and crazy clear technically. Just amazing!!

Heather Evans Smith said...

Thank you Laura!