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October 4, 2012: A Slow Sink

A few weeks ago I finally made time for a beach vacation (though a short one) with family. But of course I never head to the beach without my equipment. This was my second beach shoot this year and another is in the works for next month. The beach is about a 5 hour drive. Not bad, but certainly not convenient. I take every opportunity to shoot there when I can.

I had this idea in my head for most of the year. At first I was going to shoot this in dirt. Summer rolled by, dry spells made the dirt harder and a fire ant attack persuaded me to go another route. Sand seemed to be the logical answer.

My niece has always been a big supporter of my work and did not hesitate to model for me. We headed out right before sunset. My only instruction to her was, "You will wear an old dress and be half buried and sandy and dirty". She really didn't seem to think that was a big deal. I love my models! I posted before about how it takes a village to raise a photographer. With my niece lying in the surf and my sister-in-law chasing fly away reflectors, this had never been more true. I thank them both!

Below is my favorite image from the shoot. 

A Slow Sink  © 2012 Heather Evans Smith Photography
 I also really loved the swirl around her in this photo.
© 2012 Heather Evans Smith Photography

Not always easy getting the shot. My niece dodging waves and my sister-in-law chasing a runaway reflector.


Rey said...

What a great portrayal of slowly sinking. I can identify with this sometimes.
Well done.