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May 9, 2014: My Semester With Jeremy

At the beginning of this year I was contacted by Wake Forest University adjunct professor (and good friend) Jan Detter regarding an independent study student this semester. I was apprehensive. Most of my work is personal (lately shooting my daughter around our home).  In the past few years I have learned to keep an open mind and see where events can lead. I agreed to meet the student, Jeremy Hefter, and discuss what an internship might look like.

One afternoon we sat across from each other in Jan's dining room. I looked at him and said, "Well, you could do my laundry and entertain my daughter while I edit photos". He agreed. (While that would have been nice; I couldn't in all seriousness let that happen.)

We started talking about my work and how I found self-portraiture to be a great outlet for expressing emotions and documenting my life. Suddenly the mood shifted. Bingo. Jeremy would not necessarily be my intern, but pursue a self-portrait project under my advisement. From there the series Suitable was born.

"Suitable is a series of self-portraits using my suit as a vehicle to tell my tale. For a suit is not just about the man who stands inside it, but rather the fibers that have made him appear in that suit in the first place." -Jeremy Hefter

Jeremy and I had our last meeting this week. Since January, he has created some profound images, had some interesting encounters, (Note to self: Do not shoot in a playground wearing a suit and holding a shovel. People will call the cops on you for looking suspicious.), watched wonderful documentaries, talked about art over good food and took trips to museums.

I wish Jeremy lots of luck (though he doesn't need it) when he starts his after-college life in Boston this August. Though our project may be over, our friendship and connection will always be there. Congrats Jeremy!

Below are some selected images from his series, Suitable.

Jeremy and me behind the scenes during the Torch shoot

Torch © 2014 Jeremy Hefter (from the project Suitable)

Scholar's Warren © 2014 Jeremy Hefter (from the project Suitable)
Renounce © 2014 Jeremy Hefter (from the project Suitable)

Me, Jeremy and faculty advisor Jan Detter at the WFU Department of Entrepreneurship Awards Banquet.
Jeremy was the recipient of the Hobbs Entrepreneurship award.